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Fantasy sports represent a new way of having fun from the comfort of home. Sports enthusiasts can test their skills by building a successful team. If you wish to put your expertise to the test, you need to visit the DraftKings. This site is a giant in the fantasy world, and it’s great qualities were featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch and The Boston Globe. What we find fascinating about this provider is the promotional code “MAXPROMO” that brings 100% of the first deposit and up to $600. This offering is available to all players, and you can learn more about it here.


MAXPROMO Explained

MAXPROMO is specially designed for new managers who wish to test their skills and try their luck in the world of fantasy sports. Its property is to double the first deposit. To be more precise, if you deposit $40, you will receive another $40 for free. As you can see, this is a 100% bonus that can help you maximize your chances of winning. We also want to point out that the first deposit cannot exceed  $600 because this is the maximum this promotional code has to offer. If you truly wish to play with no worries, you can use this code at its full potential and start this fantasy journey with $1200 in your account.

The main purpose of MAXPROMO is to double your initial deposit. This means that you can start with whatever amount you desire as long as it does not exceed $600. We advise you to think twice before using this bonus. It is not a good idea to consider a small amount as it will do you no good on the long run. This is a one-time opportunity, as this promotional code can only be used once, during the sing-up process. After the registration process is complete, you won’t be able to do any changes to the amount you receive for free. If you really wish to test your skills without worrying about losing money, it is a good idea to take as much as you can afford of this great offer.

Getting Started in 4 Steps

It is important to know that there are only four steps you need to complete in order to become a team manager. You need to be very careful when you take each of them in order to use when you are required the MAXPROMO code. Here is what you need to do, and we will explain each of them so you can understand the process better:

  1. Sign-up;
  2. Make a deposit;
  3. Pick a sport;
  4. Create your team.

In order to sign-up you simply need to go to DrafKings homepage. Here,  you will find the “Play now” button that will lead you  to the registration form. After you complete your personal data do not  forget  to use MAXPROMO in the “Enter Promo Code” section. If you skip this step, you will be eligible to play, but will not receive the free money. You need to be very careful as this section is located below the “Play now” button and many people tend to ignore it. Once all these steps are complete, you are ready to claim your bonus that can go up to $600.


At DraftKings, making a deposit is a piece of cake. You can use your credit card or PayPal account. You can either go for a pre-established amount or type as much as you wish to invest. For both options, the promotional code will double your money. When the whole process is validated, your gaming account will be credited with the 100% deposit bonus, and you are ready to enjoy the games.

In order to pick a sport you like you simply need to visit the contest screen. Here, you will find a list of games that are in season. There are different filters that can help you opt for the best. You also need to consider the entry fee, schedule the next start and you are ready to go.

After you choose the sport, you are ready to build your team. You  will find a list of players that you can sort by position. At this point, we recommend you focus on the managerial aspects, like the salary cap, as this can influence your outcome. When you are satisfied with your options, you can save your team and maybe consider entering another contest.

Each contest you join will bring you back 10% of the entry fee. This means that you will be able to access your sign-up bonus gradually. There is also the possibility to get all the money. All you need to do is to play and win half of the games in the first month. With a bit of passion and knowledge, this is an achievable target.

Remember to use MAXPROMO, and you will definitely have an awesome start at DraftKings.

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