How to Select your Fantasy Football Strategy

As a beginner, it can be difficult to draw your first fantasy football strategy. There are certain things that need to be considered that make a difference between a successful match and a poor one. We want to help you in this new quest so you can enjoy an awesome experience. We will introduce you to the things that you need to analyze when building your fantasy football strategy.

  1. Analyze the quarterbacks in the league you choose

The values of the quarterbacks depend on certain factors, like the number of teams, the scoring system, the given number of players in the starting position, and the number of starting quarterbacks. You need to be very careful and to analyze each of them in order to be able to make the best moves.

  1. Should it be RB/RB or RB/WB?

This is a question many beginners ask. Although there is no specific answer to it, we advise you to go for the most profitable RB or WB that you can find, at least for the first two rounds. Of course, you can opt for a combination after, if you are allowed. You also need to understand that whichever variant you choose comes with specific consequences that will affect your draft. As a result, this is a decision that requires a bit of time and perspective.

  1. Drafting a Tight End

It is well known that it is worthwhile to get a tight end somewhere in the middle rounds. However, we want to point out the drawbacks of such a decision. To be more precise, tight ends:

  • are prone to injury;
  • lack upside;
  • you are allowed to start with just one of them.

  1. The team defenses and kickers

These two positions should not be your prior concern as they only influence the scoring in a small proportion. There are many choices available, and it is worth investing later on when the situation requires it.

  1. Keep in mind that in PPR Leagues, the possession receivers get an important boost.

  1. The IDP Leagues

The IDP Leagues became very popular, and this is what you need to know about them:

  • the defensive players receive 1 point/tackle, 6 points for TDs and a certain number of points for each interception of sack;
  • you need to focus on inside and middle linebackers as they are the most valuable;
  • these leagues worth a middle-to-late round pick.

We hope we helped you understand better how to select your fantasy football strategy, and that now you are ready to build your successful team.

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